Monday, February 23, 2009

Is Test Cricket Dull?

In recent times, especially since the introduction of 20/20 Cricket, some supporters of the game have been debating that the Days of Test Cricket is over because it lacks entertainment value. It is this form of Cricket that the Americans just cannot understand why do one need to follow a game for up to 5 days and at times, the end result is a draw.

The 3rd Test Match between the West Indies and England concluded to a draw at the Antigua recreation Ground. That Match could never be termed as dull and boring. The Fifth day of the Test Match was a real cliff hanger. It had drama, suspense and action. For most of that dramatic Afternoon, Spectators were seen biting their finger nails, even some obviously well kept ones. Test Cricket once more brought out it sometimes true entertainment value where spectators were glued to the edge of their seats for the better part of half a day.biting

Both Teams will now square off at the Kensington Oval in Barbados February 26,2009. Will this Match produce another thrilling finish?

Life in the Caribbean, if you don't come, you wont know.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

West Indies cricket Players Assets Frozen

At least two West Indies Cricket Players in the current Match against England have got their investment frozen in the Stanford's Holding Group. The US authorities have charged Allan Stanford and frozen the asset of some of his Companies, as they accused him of over 8 billion dollar securities fraud.

The West Indies dressing room in Antigua was somewhat distracted from Cricket this afternoon as news spread of Mr. Standford demise. Mr. Stanford is a household name in the West Indies because of his massive, multi million dollars investment to stage his own Cricket competition in the region. His last big attraction was the Stanford 20/20 Competition with a prize money of 20 million dollars for the winner. This meant that each player from the winning Team pocketed 1 million US dollars each.

Life in the Caribbean, the paradise of Allan Standford.

Monday, February 16, 2009 Watch the Cricket Test Match England VS the West Indies at the Antigua Recreation Ground

Back to Cricket

Its back to Cricket as things return to normal as both Teams have now put behind them the recent fiasco at the Sir Vivian Cricket Stadium, North Sound, Antigua.

The 3rd Test match between the West Indies and England is on in earnest at the Antigua recreation Ground, as the game proceeded into its 3rd day. The latest position of the Game at the time of preparing this release is that England has positioned themselves into a favouring position at 458for 6.

The pitch is at the moment unresponsive to spin and fast bowlers. As a result, the bowlers have to rely heavily on raw pace and length and line to limit and frustrate scoring opportunities for the English Batsmen.

An estimate of about 3000 England supporters are in attendance, in comparison to a small contingent of local supporters. The English are really soaking up the fine Caribbean weather of 32 Degree Celsius. In addition to some fine drinks, food and music all made in the Caribbean.

Life in the Caribbean, where else is better to be at this time?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Without Cricket

Today is Valentines Day and this should have been the 2nd Days play in Antigua at the now infamous Sir Vivian Cricket Stadium. Of course as you may be aware by now that the Game had to be abandoned due to a faulty outfield.

A new Test is now set to start at the old Recreation Ground in Antigua on Sunday February 15,2009. The bowlers run up is not in the most ideal condition and the general outfield seem to have uneven areas. With that said, it seems to be a far better Cricketing surface than the farce one at North Sound.

So with a compulsory day off from Cricket on Valentines Day, What better day to relax on one of the 366 beaches in Antigua, enjoying Pepsi and Jamaican rum, with reggae and soca filling the atmosphere.

Happy Valentines Day.

Life in the Caribbean where the fun just can't done.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shame on West Indies Cricket

The West Indies Cricket Board has once more shown that they are on the brink of exhausting the last straw that they have in their favour, which is their incompetence. The 2nd Test Match with West Indies Vs England had to be abandoned for the day and perhaps the Match at the new Sir Vivian Richards stadium in Antigua on Friday 13,2009.

The Windies Cricket Board may just give us the excuse that "it's Friday the 13th" but it is certainly a disgrace to watch these clueless Managers continue to destroy the institution of Cricket in our region.

There is absolutely no reason that could be readily provided to have caused a game to be discontinued after just 1.4 overs, after having the itinerary in their possession, for nearly two years and then to have produced a powdery beach field parading for a Test Match Cricket field. How much more inept can the WICB really gets.

Yes, Antigua is very famous for its many beaches, so much so that they claim that they can find you a new one 365 days of the year. Well, I guess the new claim onwards will be 366 days with a bonus for the New Year which is the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium.

Life in the Caribbean, now with 366 Beaches in Antiqua.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Test Cricket

The West Indies will start as favourite for the 2nd Test Match against England starting in Antigua on Friday February 13,2009.

After an embarrassingly dismal performance for 51 all out in the 2nd Innings in Kingston, Jamaica , the English Team will undoubtedly hastily forget about that nightmare.

Sorry that they didn't get the chance to enjoy the reggae, beach, rum and sun for the last couple of days in the becoming friendly tourist city of Kingston, Jamaica. Maybe the England Team had extended themselves just a little bit too far with the New Kingston night life. At a time when they were suppose to be cuddling under their sheets.

I await the result of the 2nd Test with great anxiety. Could this be the rebirth of West Indies Cricket?

Life in the Caribbean, where it is always vacation time. See you later.


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