Friday, February 13, 2009

Shame on West Indies Cricket

The West Indies Cricket Board has once more shown that they are on the brink of exhausting the last straw that they have in their favour, which is their incompetence. The 2nd Test Match with West Indies Vs England had to be abandoned for the day and perhaps the Match at the new Sir Vivian Richards stadium in Antigua on Friday 13,2009.

The Windies Cricket Board may just give us the excuse that "it's Friday the 13th" but it is certainly a disgrace to watch these clueless Managers continue to destroy the institution of Cricket in our region.

There is absolutely no reason that could be readily provided to have caused a game to be discontinued after just 1.4 overs, after having the itinerary in their possession, for nearly two years and then to have produced a powdery beach field parading for a Test Match Cricket field. How much more inept can the WICB really gets.

Yes, Antigua is very famous for its many beaches, so much so that they claim that they can find you a new one 365 days of the year. Well, I guess the new claim onwards will be 366 days with a bonus for the New Year which is the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium.

Life in the Caribbean, now with 366 Beaches in Antiqua.

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